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S.R.O495(I)/2015 - Rescind Notification No. S.R.O 481(i)/2015, dated 5th June, 2015

S.R.O494(I)/2015 - Amends the Sales Tax Rules, 2006.

S.R.O493(I)/2015 - Rescinds SRO 863(I)/2008 dt. 20.08.2008

S.R.O492(I)/2015 - Amendment SRO 647(I)/2007 dt. 27.06.2007

S.R.O491(I)/2015 - The minimum value of assessment of locally produced coal has been enhanced from Rs. 1000 per MT to Rs. 2500 per MT

S.R.O490(I)/2015 - Rescission of certain FED SROs which have been transposed to the Third Schedule of Federal Excise Act, 2005

S.R.O489(I)/2015 - Amends SRO 550(I)/2006 dt. 05.06.2006

S.R.O488(I)/2015 - Rescission of certain sales tax SROs

S.R.O487(I)/2015 - Supersedes SRO 88(I)/2002 dt. 11.02.1988

S.R.O486(I)/2015 - Amendment S.R.O 1125(I)/2011 dt. 31.12.2011

S.R.O485(I)/2015 - Amendment the Sales Tax Special Procedure (Withholding) Rules, 2007

S.R.O484(I)/2015 - Amendment Sales Tax (Special Procedures) Rules, 2007

S.R.O483(I)/2015 - Amendment in S.R.O 383(I)/2015 dated the 30th April, 2015

Pakistan Customs Tariff 2015-16 (Chapter 1-99 & Fifth Schedule)

Printing of Bar Code on Notices issued under Income Tax Ordinance ,2001 - Instructions Regarding

S.R.O611(I)/2015 - Rescind the Notification No S.R.O 811(I)/2009 dated the 19th September, 2009 relating to CD concession on polypropylene etc.

S.R.O610(I)/2015 - Amendment In Notification No. S.R.O 678(I)/2004 dated the 7th August, 2004 relating to E&P sector.

S.R.O609(I)/2015 - Amendment in Notification No. S.R.O 693(I)/2006 dated the 1st July, 2006 regarding aditional CD on localized items.

S.R.O608(I)/2015 - Rescind the Notification No. S.R.O 559(I)/2008 dated the 11th June, 2008

S.R.O607(I)/2015 - Amendment in Notification No. S.R.O 656(I)/2006 dated the 22nd June, 2006 Auto Sector

S.R.O606(I)/2015 - Amendment in Notification No S.R.O 565(I)/2006 dated the 5th June, 2006

S.R.O605(I)/2015 - Amendment in Notification No S.R.O 482(I)/2009 dated 13th June, 2009

S.R.O604(I)/2015 - Amendment in Notification No. S.R.O 393(i)/2015 dated 30th April, 2015 regarding change in RD rate on Furnace oil.

S.R.O603(I)/2015 - Rescinde the Notification No. S.R.O 392(I)/2015 dated 30th April, 2015

S.R.O602(I)/2015 - Amendment in Notification No. S.R.O 568(I)/2014 dated the 26th June, 2014 relating to withdrawal of RD on cell phones w.e.f 01.07.2015

S.R.O601(I)/2015 - Amendment in Notification No. S.R.O 568(I)/2014 dated the 26th June, 2014 relating to levy of regulatory duty.

S.R.O____(I)/2015 - Draft Return Forms for Tax Year 2015

S.R.O600(I)/2015 - Sales tax shall be charged on supply of electrical energy at the rates indicated in the table supplied by Power Generation Companies generating electric power exclusively through High Speed Diesel (HSD).

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